Techstars cloud startup boasts path to faster, smoother live streaming

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San Antonio Business Journal

Lighting-fast broadband or even fiber-optic Internet may not always yield a smooth live stream as Internet service providers still use third-party firms to transmit data online. And one startup going though San Antonio’s premiere business accelerator program is hoping to cash in on the speed gap.

Thalonet is one of nearly a dozen Techstars Cloud participants working to hone their offerings and business models at the program’s office at Geekdom.

“Google Fiber and these other very fast file solutions do help for certain applications but for most live interactive applications like video games, going to Google Fiber doesn’t typically improve your experience,” said Taric Mirza, co-founder of Thalonet, a cloud-based software that aims to improve performance of private Internet networks. Instead, he said, real-time experiences can often be degraded by video that lags behind — especially for virtual reality.

“For live streams and Skype calls, there are tiny bits of data but its all about the consistency,” Mirza said.

Georgia-based Thalonet, which was rooted in improving Internet video gaming experiences and virtual reality for consumers, seems to be pivoting toward corporate communications.

“Corporate (virtual private networks), that’s a really big market,” he said. “The issue of poor network connectivity is a significant one.”

Mirza is a Trinity University graduate from the late 1990s who received an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology. Mirza is a former senior programmer at Live Nation, an entertainment company based in California that coordinates live music concerts across the country.

Thalonet’s co-founder, Adam Toll, handles business development and is an investor in the company. He also spearheaded BigChampange, a big-data analytics company acquired by Live Nation in 2011.

Eric Garland, one of the Thalonet advisers, also has ties to Live Nation and works as the general manager for Live Nation Labs; he is also a co-founder of BigChampange.

Kristen Mosbrucker covers technology, finance and the military.

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