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Haste is evolving. Join the Beta!

Our private Alpha went extremely well,  and now we’re officially ready for full-scale Haste beta testing. Just like you, we’re sick of lag, high ping, jitter and packet loss. That’s why we created Haste — to make the internet better for gaming. Now, we’re seeking fellow gamers to join the Haste beta, test the service and provide honest feedback, so we can continue to get better.

Participation is Easy

Just sign up, download and start gaming! Haste will start to optimize your connection with every League or Overwatch game you play.  The more you play, the more Haste learns about different paths between your machine and the game servers. That means Haste learns to deliver better and better service for you over time, so keep playing!

Just like with an actual game, we rely on our users to let us know what they love and what needs some love. Interested? Join the Haste beta!

Did you know?

Haste uses custom-built network software and infrastructure that smartly routes your game traffic down the best paths to the game servers. Start your free trial; Together we will defeat lag!