Introducing Haste Check!

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Introducing HASTE CHECK, a new tool we’ve added to your gaming arsenal!

Haste Check is like a “bandwidth speedtest” app, but specifically for game servers. It measures ping, packet loss and jitter (ping spikes). That means you can test the stability of your connection before you commit to a ranked game on Haste.

Haste Check start - measure ping, packet loss and jitter (ping spikes)  Haste Check active- measure ping, packet loss and jitter (ping spikes)  Haste Check complete - measure ping, packet loss and jitter (ping spikes)

Whether it’s from your usual location or you’re playing from somewhere new, Haste Check has you covered.

Haste Check is simple to use: choose your game, start the test, and review the results.

So sign up for Haste or update your client and run your first Haste Check!


What is ping, jitter, and packet loss?

Ping is the amount of time it takes to send a packet (piece of data) and receive a response, such as from your PC to a game server or vice-versa.

Jitter, sometimes called ping spikes,  is the fluctuation of ping over time (standard deviation).

Packet loss is the percentage of packets that do not arrive at their destination within a certain amount of time.

For the best experience, all of these metrics should be as low as possible.

Reclaim Your Connection

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