Haste Kicks eSports Connection Lag to The Curb

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Hypepotamus https://hypepotamus.com/companies/haste/

As our experiences on the Internet become more complex (think: VR/AR, medical consultations, gaming), our connection can often struggle to keep up. And if you’re in the middle of an eSports tournament, for example, a reliable connection is essential to staying on top.

Haste is a software client which aims to optimize your internet connection for a more reliable live, interactive experience. They’re currently focused on the growing world of eSports; co-founder Taric Mirza first saw the need for the product while playing League of Legends.

In the past few months, Haste has encountered “massive growth,” according to co-founder Adam Toll. They are currently in an open public beta with 150M+ online video game enthusiasts. With the Venture Atlanta pitch event, a new round of funding, and soon, SXSW, under their belts, this ATDC company will soon scale into additional industries.

But how can this software client optimize your play and give you a competitive edge? Toll shares more about Haste Check, their revenue model, and his number-one founder lesson.

Read more at https://hypepotamus.com/companies/haste/.

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