How Haste reduces lag in League of Legends and Overwatch

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If your League of Legends or Overwatch ping is always high, a startup called Haste wants to solve that by giving you a more direct connection than your internet service provider might give you. Lag, which is killer in a competitive game, is often a symptom of your traffic taking a non-optimal route through the backbone of the internet. Through a combination of software (on your PC) and hardware (at datacenters), Haste claims it can intelligently guide your gaming data so that you get a far more reliable and responsive connection.

Haste is finishing up an open beta period right now, and it works with Overwatch and League of Legends. Chief executive officer Adam Toll explained to GamesBeat that his company plans to add support for just about any game people play online, and he wants the app to work effortlessly and automatically. I used Haste, and it automatically detected I was playing Overwatch. I typically get a 50ms -to-100ms ping in my Overwatch matches, and I was getting closer to 20ms with Haste. I don’t know if that was coincidence, but Toll explained why I should expect to see an improvement.


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