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Simply put, Haste loves League of Legends, and we’re excited when we find other companies that create services and tools to make our League of Legends experience even better! That said, this article will focus on a brand new  tool created by our friends at Mobalytics.

Here at Haste we try not to play favorites when it comes to video games. The Haste Team plays a large variety of competitive titles, but League of Legends was the first game we targeted for Haste optimization. That’s because Haste was originally invented by our co-founder Taric Mirza, who along with other members of the Haste Team have a combined playtime of almost 2,000 hours in League of Legends.

Fun Fact:
League of Legends has the largest player base of any game title in North America and globally. In a September 2016 Polygon article, Riot revealed that 100 million users play the game every month.

That’s a lot of users.

Climbing the ranked ladder is an obsession for some players. Cleanly completing your promos by carrying your team with three straight wins provides the #feelsgood. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out how you desire. Losses are a part of the climb (they wouldn’t call it a climb otherwise) — sometimes seeing that Defeat Screen is unavoidable. When your Mid AP Ezreal goes 0-12-3 to the enemy Fizz’s 9-0-4 by 25 mins, there aren’t many options if your other lanes and Jungle haven’t been absolutely successful. But sometimes, the Ezreal is you and although you can stomp that lane in the majority of your games, occasionally you will have a #feelsbad game.

You can shrug off the losses, and blame your teammates: “My Jungle didn’t gank when Fizz was tower-diving level 3”, “The enemy Jungle camped mid.”

But is that constructive?
Will it help you the next time you have a MIA Jungler?

Sometimes, even veteran players need to self-examine, and figure out “Where did I go wrong.” This is not an easy task—our immediate recollection of how a game went is often biased. Sure, you can watch your replays, but that can be quite time consuming when you just want to continue grinding and improving.

Fortunately, there are tools available that are entirely unbiased, and can provide accurate data and personal gameplay analytics to reveal your strengths and weaknesses.

Mobalytics is a company made up of scientists and ex-pro gamers who have developed a unique technology that they are confident will become the standard for assessing competitive gamer performance. They call it the Gamer Performance Index (GPI)

Mobalytics recently opened their Open Beta so players can test and try their performance assessment tools. The GPI application can be accessed by visiting https://mobalytics.gg/haste/ and creating an account. Once logged in, users are presented with a well-designed user interface that will display your Gamer Performance Index, Pre Game Analysis, Post Game Analysis and a Personal Dashboard to see your overall progress.

Gamer Performance Index (GPI)

The GPI requires you to play a minimum of 20 ranked games before it will provide an overall assessment, revealing where you are strongest and weakest.

Don’t judge, I’m having a rough season.

Pre Game Analysis

The Pre Game screen gives players instant coaching as they enter a match. Following Riot’s guidelines, the Pre Game Analysis provides intel about a player’s enemies and allies before the match begins.

Post Game Analysis

The Post Game Analysis offers a quick snapshot analysis which compares a player’s most recent match with their average games, and will provide feedback on what areas they can focus on improving in their future games.

Personal Dashboard

The Personal Dashboard allows players to see their overall performance, progress, and development.

Along with a pretty graph, they also reveal a quick view of previous match history insights so a player can benchmark their playstyle.

According to Mobalytics:

“The GPI uses in-game data and machine learning algorithms to assess player performance in different areas crucial for competitive gamers and helps identify their strengths and weaknesses. For example, for League of Legends, the GPI focuses on the eight critical skills of Aggression, Consistency Farming, Fighting, Teamplay, Toughness, Versatility and Vision. The GPI creates a unique graph for every player according to these eight skills and illustrates their play style in an easy to understand format.”

Powerful analytics tools are usually only available for major sports teams and businesses. The Mobalytics platform is bringing these technologies to everyday gamers.

The Haste Team is excited to see companies creating new applications and tools for the Esports industry. While we focus on improving Haste to provide gamers a better connection to their game servers, we are very happy to see our friends at Mobalytics grow their app and community, and wish them a very successful future!

If you found this article interesting, or have any comments or discussion, we would love to hear your thoughts on our Discord Channel!

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