Top Five Overwatch Heroes Most Impacted by Lag

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Blizzard has introduced a healthy pool of heroes since they initially announced Overwatch and its original 12 heroes at Blizzcon 2014. There are now 25 unique heroes that players can use to blow up, crush into a wall, ninja star, arrow to the knee, or throw a poisonous “healing” grenade (never wrapped my head around this one) to destroy the enemy.

We love playing Overwatch at the Haste Office, so much so that it was one of the first games we targeted for latency reduction on the Haste network.

A balanced game of Overwatch can have the scales quickly tipped when a player starts lagging. We have compiled a list of Heroes that we believe are most affected by lag, starting with the newest Hero – Doomfist.


DoomfistAs his name suggests, the most recent Overwatch hero uses his fists to furiously Hulk-smash his opponents to victory. Doomfist can nearly one-shot most squishy heroes (We’re looking at you Tracer). Rocket Punch [RMB] is an essential part of Doomfist’s utility, but if your ping spikes at a critical moment and you miss your target, you lose out on dealing a large amount of damage – equally important, you don’t get the benefits of The Best Defense [Passive] for that extra bit of protection. Rising Uppercut [LSHIFT] and Seismic Slam [E] are additional strong abilities in his utility, but can be rendered relatively useless when your targets are rubber banding across the screen.


“I need healing Stable Ping.”

Blackwatch GenjiNinjas are cool. Lagging ninjas aren’t cool. Genji players will all agree that lagging while playing Genji sucks. Genji’s toolkit relies on getting kills and assists during a fight to reset his Swift Strike [LSHIFT]. Nothing is worse than popping Dragon Blade [Q], followed by dashing into an unknowing enemy Mercy with 4 ticks of health left, and mid-Swift-Strike you get a lag spike. You pass right through without getting a kill. By the time your lag spike recovers, Mercy has flown to safety with half her health restored, and you are standing in front of the enemy Reinhardt with no reset on your dash! Your only option is to swing and slash at him while hopping around frantically, but we all know that Giant Hammers beat Ninja Swords. “GG Genji Main throwing.” “git gud Genji”

Don’t be a laggy Ninja!

Soldier 76

“We’re all Soldiers lagging now.” (Ok, too much, I’ll stop)

Strike Commander MorrisonHit-scan heroes are arguably essential in most team compositions. When the enemy team has a dirty Pharah Main, Soldier 76 can save the day. Unless he’s lagging.

Hit-scan heroes in Overwatch commonly refer to ranged heroes whose shots do not have “bullet travel”. Unlike Hanzo whose arrows have travel time in the air, Soldier 76’s shots are immediately registered where the player’s cursor is positioned. This is a dilemma when trying to hit the shots that matter on a Pharah who is popping off.

During a high latency match, your only hope as Soldier 76 is to land enough shots to grant you Tactical Visor [Q] to take that “Phar-mercy” out of the sky.


Mystery Man McCreeSimilar to Soldier 76, McCree is also considered a hit-scan hero. Although lag is frustrating for a Soldier 76, it might be considered even more so for McCree. The difference is Soldier 76 has slightly more forgiving shots since he can “spray and pray” while lagging.

McCree’s shots are precise and timed, with a delay between each shot. When you have high latency as McCree, you must be a prediction-god to accurately nail the headshots you are betting on.

Shooting at a target with deadly precision yet having your shots fail to register because of high latency is a poor experience for all cowboys.


Tracer might seem debatable for this list, you can just Recall [E] back to safety every time you lag, right?

Rose TracerNot so fast! When you are zipping back and forth, in and out, harassing and pressuring an enemy team’s backlines as Tracer, you want your connection to be stable. The moment you have some packet loss, even the smallest delay can be the deciding factor of life or death. You might make a clean play by blinking behind a Reinhardt to attach your Pulse Bomb [Q] to his back, and immediately start mashing Recall [E] after sticking him. Although you executed the controls with perfect timing, that small delay from a lag spike will have caused the McCree flashbang to stun you, or the Hanzo arrow to headshot you, resulting in a very sad and very dead Tracer.

If you play Overwatch on North American servers, and commonly experience lag, you are neither alone nor out of options!

Haste’s custom network infrastructure reduces lag, packet loss, and jitter by optimizing your connection to the Blizzard Game servers. It chooses the optimal networking route that your ISP doesn’t do by itself. Try Haste today for free!

To learn more about reducing lag in Overwatch, check out How to Reduce Lag in Overwatch.

  Who do you think is most affected by lag? Do you agree/disagree with our Hero picks? Voice your opinion on our Discord!

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