5 League of Legends Champions Most Impacted by Lag

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In League of Legends, not all champions are created equal. There are always champions who are more mechanically challenging than others, and many champions require a more practiced play-style to fully take advantage of than others.

In this article, we want to talk about another element in the equation: latency. Lag affects all champions, but here are the five champions we find most affected by lag in games.


All marksman champs struggle a bit on high latency, but perhaps none more than Vayne, who is widely considered one of the most situational ADC’s to play. Her Tumble (Q) requires very precise timing to dodge enemy skill shots and maneuver around team fights. In addition, you must line up and time her Condemn (E) when you can pin enemies to a wall — then have the reaction time to take advantage of the stun to deal damage.

Her low range makes going in for last hits in the laning phase difficult as well, since almost every marksman in the game outranges her. There is a difficult balance between going for the last hit and retreating versus trying to make an aggressive trade in order to secure that last hit.

Simply put, while Vayne can function on high latency, it severely reduces her effectiveness.


Zed may seem like an odd inclusion on this list. You just Death Mark (R) the enemy ADC and face-roll to victory, right? Well, sort of. An average Zed player can get away with such linear gameplay, but a great Zed player will time his ultimate usage very specifically. You can use it to dodge an enemy Syndra’s Unleashed Power (R), or a Morgan’s Dark Binding (Q). You can use your shadows to get out of range of auto attacks, or again to dodge enemy skill shots. You can even use Death Mark to dodge point-and-click CC like Vi’s Assault and Battery.

It’s really no surprise that Zed is exceptionally difficult to play on high ping.


Like Zed, Riven requires precise timing, and insane micro. Riven is a true melee champion — meaning she has no regular ranged abilities — which requires her to position precisely at all phases of the game. She has to go in for last hits, and utilize her Valor (E) to absorb damage from enemy autos. If Riven gets behind from trades early in the game, she can quickly find herself out of the game completely.

The most important aspect of Riven kill potential is her Level 6 all-in. Riven must get in range of the enemy champion with Broken Wings (Q), stun them at the right time with Ki Burst (W) and then use the second half of her ultimate Wind Slash (R) after having activated Blade of the Exile (R).

When you consider the fast timing required for this all in, as well as the need to weave auto-attacks during it, it becomes almost impossible when you have high latency.


Kat’s trouble with latency is twofold, and it has to do with the particulars of her character design. While Katarina has insane burst damage output, it is largely based on her mobility skill Shunpo (E). In order to make the most of Shunpo, Katarina players have to quickly dash to daggers that she tosses around the battlefield with Bouncing Blade (Q) and Preparation (W).

Here’s the rub: the reason Katarina struggles with high latency is because her daggers have to land before she can Shunpo to them. Her Bouncing Blades are delayed because of latency, and then she can’t even target her daggers for Shunpo until they spawn. After she targets them she has to wait additional time for the latency to catch up. If Katarina players were able to target the ground where her daggers are about to appear, she could diminish the impact of the high latency, but currently, she cannot, which exacerbates all lag.

It’s a compounding problem in that the latency of each ability delays subsequent ability — disastrous in some circumstances, and the difference between a Kat with low latency and high latency is highly visible.

Lee Sin

Not only is Lee Sin one of the most position-dependent champions, his difficult play pattern is only exaggerated with lag. To be effective on Lee Sin, you must use your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike (Q) combo to get in and do damage quickly, and then decide whether to commit and continue dishing out damage, or use Safeguard (E) to get out.

He also has one of the most powerful and difficult initiations in the game. A common play pattern for Lee Sin is to use his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to get into enemy backlines, hop to a ward with Safeguard, and Dragon’s Rage (R) the enemy back into his own team. The difficulty of this maneuver cannot be understated on high latency.

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