Optimizing Your PC for Gaming: 5 Surprising Benefits

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If you live in Chicago, it’s likely that you’re a satisfied player of League of Legends. After all, their North American game servers are located in the Windy City after they moved them in 2014. There were also a lot of happy East Coast players who no longer had to deal with 110+ms ping times and absurd packet loss.

We should be grateful to Riot Games because unlike most companies, Riot tells us almost everything about their game servers and are transparent about their issues and benefits. They let us know how much latency exists in real-time in-game, and we even know how to ping the servers directly. For an in-depth guide on how to check your latency, check out our guide on the subject here.

But let’s say you aren’t one of those lucky players who have amazing ping to the servers and are struggling just to stay under 80ms at the best of times. There are several things that you can do to make sure when you Flash Charm someone as Ahri, you always hit your target. Optimizing your PC for gaming has some additional benefits that you may not even be aware of.

Read on for some of these benefits and for tips on how to make sure that your PC is providing you the best gaming experience possible.

Eliminating Background Downloads = Increased Speed

Making sure to disable background updates from applications that you can control can make a dramatic difference in your connection. Sometimes your computer will update programs in the background while you’re trying to win your lane. For programs where you can’t disable, closing them completely will help make up the difference and send you back on a winning course. While convenient for having an updated system, automatic updates can slow your connection to the game servers. Stopping automatic updates will smooth out your gameplay without as many lag spikes.

Updating Your Firewall Settings = Reduced Latency

Your firewall and antivirus are constantly checking your packets for any sign of malware. While usually incidental, this can sometimes cause an increase in latency. If you make sure to set exceptions for League of Legends in your firewall settings, and whitelist League in your antivirus program, you will see vastly reduced latency. How you change settings will vary based on the individual programs you use to handle your computer security, but should be relatively simple from the advanced settings. Once you complete it, you will notice improved performance.

Switching to Ethernet = Added Stability

Switching from Wi-Fi to Ethernet is a game changer in gaming. Wireless connections are unpredictable and unstable, which can lead to increased latency connecting to game servers. Connecting directly with Ethernet will both ensure a faster connection, and reduce other networking issues like jitter and packet loss. A long cable doesn’t have to be a huge hassle either. Run it over the ceiling, or along the wall on the floor. Trust us, it’s worth it, and your gaming time will thank you.

Selecting the Correct Server = Better Connection

Sometimes the server you think is best for you might not actually be ideal. For a long time, users in Southern Florida had better connections to the Latin America North server than the North America server. Strange, right? But sometimes this can happen, especially when dealing with routing issues in Europe or Southeast Asia, where networking can be complex and there are multiple servers in different locations. Once you select the best server (which might not always be geographically closest), you will dramatically improve your gameplay.

Using Haste = Decreased Ping

Haste uses new technology that reduces latency, packet loss, jitter, and other networking problems in League of Legends and Overwatch. Haste relies on advanced network technology to give your PC the best possible connection to the games you play. It uses custom routing to choose the best available path to communicate with game servers, and will adjust and learn more as you continue to use it. Sign up to get a 14-day free trial and give Haste a try yourself.

So remember:

  • Close background apps for increased speed
  • Update firewalls for reduced latency
  • Swap to Ethernet for added stability
  • Select the best server for a better connection
  • Use Haste to decrease ping

As you can see, optimizing your computer has a ton of benefits. Follow these steps and when you call GG, at least it will be because your opponents outplayed you — not your internet.

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