Best and Worst Remakes in League of Legends History

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For several years, the LCS has been the gold standard for consistency and excellence in eSports. With high-quality production and regularly scheduled games, we’ve almost started to take it for granted.

Of course, eSports still depends on the vehicle of technology, and sometimes even live matches on stage are subject to problems. In this article we’ll go over four instances where not only were there technical issues, but the game had to be remade entirely. Here are the four best / worst remakes in League of Legends history.

The Viktorless Spring – SK Gaming vs. Copenhagen Wolves in EU LCS Spring Split

This regular season game wasn’t the most important, and both of these teams ended up in the playoffs. But this ban was among the furthest reaching in LCS history. During one of the final games of Week 8 in the EU LCS Spring Split, Viktor’s health bar suddenly disappeared. Viktor hadn’t been played much in professional play until this point in the Split, so it’s not surprising that it took so long to discover this bug. After minutes of troubleshooting, there was no immediately implementable fix, and the game had to be restarted — without Viktor enabled.

While SK Gaming went on to get first place in the split after winning this game, Viktor was disabled for the rest of Spring as well as the Playoffs and the Mid-Season Invitational. It wasn’t immediately clear how much of an impact this caused, but we found out when Viktor was one of the marquee mid lane picks. Among the solo queue win rates, pro players across the world stated and demonstrated Viktor’s prowess. Viktor was nerfed repeatedly over the next year.

Who knows how things might have changed if Viktor had been enabled in the Spring Playoffs or MSI.

Aurelion Sol Where Art Thou – CLG vs. TSM in 2016 NA LCS Summer Playoffs

In the NA LCS, perhaps no pro player has become more associated to a champion than Jae-hyun “Huhi” Choi to Aurelion Sol. While Huhi is known as being a middle-of-the-pack mid laner in most circumstances, his pocket pick Aurelion Sol seems to constantly elevate him to world class. Both in the NA LCS and on the international stage, Huhi’s Aurelion Sol catapults CLG above teams that many would assume superior.

Thus it was that Huhi got his precious Aurelion Sol against rivals TSM. Huhi is known for his early roaming and map awareness on the champion, but midway through the game, TSM players began to see Huhi (or more specifically, his passive) in bushes and shadows across the map even when he wasn’t there. This made it nearly impossible to track Huhi’s whereabouts for TSM. You can imagine the dismay that CLG felt when LCS officials ruled that the game had to be remade and that Aurelion Sol would be disabled for the rest of the match.

TSM won the series 3-0 which begged many questions. Would CLG have won with Aurelion Sol enabled? And would they deserve to if only one champion being disabled wrecked their whole strategy? TSM went on to win the split and eventually went to Worlds, but thankfully, so did CLG.

Do A Barrel Roll (Or Not) – Fnatic vs. EDG in Worlds 2015

In the World Championship, perhaps no position is solved as quickly as Jungle. At almost every Worlds, teams quickly settle on three or four champions dubbed to be top-tier. At Worlds 2015 it was Gragas, Reksai, Elise and Lee Sin. In the Quarterfinals match of Worlds 2015 between Fnatic and Edward Gaming, Fnatic had the hopes of the entire Western fan base after an undefeated Summer Split.

It started harmless enough, with Fnatic jumping out to an early lead over EDG. But Fnatic’s jungler Yeu-jin “Reignover” Kim became unable to detonate his barrel after using Barrel Roll (Q). After a few other attempts, a bug was discovered that involved detonate-able projectiles such as Zigg’s Satchel Charge (W) and Lux’s Lucent Singularity (E). All three champions would be disabled for the remainder of Worlds — though none had the impact that Gragas did.

Since jungle champions were such a linchpin at this particular worlds, and only four champions were considered equals, it changed the entire Champion Select phase for the remainder of the tournament. Fnatic did, however, manage to best EDG before ultimately falling to the KOO Tigers.

Silver Scrapes Forever – CLG.EU vs World Elite in Worlds 2012

Almost every League of Legends fan remembers this one because it is, perhaps, the most infamous series of remakes in the game. Season 2 Worlds was a revolution in eSports at the time. The event took place at LA Live, a venue usually used for sporting events and pop concerts.

Network connection issues repeatedly caused lag spikes for players of both teams, and the games had to be remade or paused repeatedly. All in all, there were over seven hours of delays across this one series. During the delay, Riot Games played the only music they had a license to at the time — Danny McCarthy’s Silver Scrapes. This song still triggers many Riot Games employees who worked the series, and many others in the community. The song now has new life as it’s the music Riot plays before the final game of a series.

In the end, the games were delayed until the following day. All fans in attendance got a full refund and a bunch of swag including a physical and digital product. To permanently solve the issue, Riot Games developed LAN capability for the game–literally overnight–and over the course of the next few years developed stronger and stronger network capabilities into their game and servers. The rest of the Team WE vs. CLG.EU series went on without incident. CLG.EU won the series but lost to eventual runner-up Azubu Frost.

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