CB Insights Article: 10 Early-Stage eSports Startups To Watch

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September 15, 2017

eSports startups are transforming the way games are created, data is collected, and content is shared.

eSports startups account for a large slice of funding to the broader gaming landscape, and have received significant investment and press coverage in recent years.

We used the CB Insights platform to surface 10 notable, early-stage eSports startups developing technologies related to competitive gaming facilitated by electronic systems, particularly video games played on computers or consoles by professional gamers (though many do it as a hobby or pastime).

These technologies range from the development of competitive games to media outlets providing eSports coverage, among others. We selected these companies based on the recency and size of their disclosed funding and their Mosaic score, CB Insights’ algorithm that uses financial and non-financial signals to predict private company health.

Of the companies on our list, 5 are Series A startups that have raised in 2017 and 5 are seed / angel companies that have raised funds in the last year. We have listed them in descending order of disclosed funding.

 Seed / Angel eSports Companies to Watch


Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
Disclosed Funding: $6.3M
Select Investors: Accomplice, Advancit Capital, aXiomatic eSports, Greycroft Partners

Gamer Sensei is an online platform for competitive gamers that uses algorithms to pair competitive video gamers with coaches.


Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
Disclosed Funding: $5.1M
Select Investors: Techstars

Haste is a software solution that improves network performance for live interactive experiences. Haste makes it easier for the player to react in-game and prevents “freezing up” in battle.


Headquarters: Redwood City, California
Disclosed Funding: $3.5M
Select Investors: Betaworks, Boost VC, First Round Capital, Tandem Capital

Boom.TV is a 3D live-streaming platform for watching eSports on any device. The platform is intended to make it much easier to watch eSports events from any point of view.


Headquarters: Santa Monica, California
Disclosed Funding: $2.65M
Select Investors: Founders Fund, General Catalyst, GGV Capital

Mobalytics is an eSports company creating a new, more robust way for competitive gamers to analyze and improve performance.


Headquarters: Santa Monica, California
Disclosed Funding: $1.8M
Select Investors: Expansion VC, Greycroft Partners

FanAI is an audience monetization platform that uses AI to optimize fan & brand engagement in eSports.

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