Can You Completely Remove Lag from PC Games?

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Lag is often the bane of a PC gamer’s existence. It can make, or literally break, your match. Online video games require fast reaction times to play, but with lag, your potentially amazing play can devolve into a stuttering mess. So it’s no wonder that gamers at all levels want to rid their gaming experience of lag completely.

Unfortunately, it isn’t technically possible to completely remove all lag from PC games. Some form of lag will always be present. Data takes time to travel and unless you are sitting in the video game’s server room and wired to the heart of the system, lag will always exist.

Though lag is always present, it’s the lag that has a negative effect on your gaming that people are referring to when they talk about the dreaded term. So, while you can’t get rid of the regular effects of data traveling back and forth, you can minimize the effects of lag as much as possible in your games.

Lag At Home

Home networks are often the easiest to diagnose and fix. If it’s computer hardware lag, the answer is simple: upgrade your computer parts. Electronics don’t last forever and parts naturally fail over time from wear and tear. Each year brings more intensive graphics and heavier computing requirements. While an older computer can get the job done, it’s not optimal and will eventually be unable to handle the games you want to play.

Software lag is easily avoidable: Keep your computer healthy, and don’t run intensive programs in the background while playing a game! If your computer has malware or a virus, then your performance can take a huge hit.

Lag also happens when your computer communicates with your router. Oftentimes the wireless signal is the culprit. Switching from wireless to a wired-connection over an Ethernet cable is the most reliable solution, but it’s not always the most simple depending on where your computer is located in your house. If connecting directly with an Ethernet cable is not practical, then the best alternative is a Power-line Ethernet Kit.

But what if it’s not your computer or your home network? You may need to start looking at family members or roommates, or even your other connected devices. Streaming video and downloads use a lot of data and can slow down your internet connection, especially if you have a lower speed plan.

Lag Outside

Lag outside your home is where things get tricky.

If it’s not your computer or your connection causing lag, it may just be the path your internet provider takes to the game’s servers. Internet providers try to accommodate all connections and don’t take your matchmaking rating into account when sending data — they’re more concerned with reducing costs and getting as many people through as possible.

The fix for this is to find a better path. While you can’t do that on your own, there is good news: Haste is a service that provides the best paths to the game servers for you! Haste customizes the connection based on what you need and finds the optimal path to minimize lag by using private fiber optic links and multiple routes. It skips over the congestion of regular internet traffic so that you don’t have to worry about sudden delays when you’re trying to line up the perfect sniper shot.

Bye Bye Lag

If you’re experiencing lag, we hope the solutions we’ve outlined above can help you eliminate some lag in your gaming experience. Lag is always present, but you can take steps to ensure that it’s as insignificant as possible. Haste is a quick and easy way to take care of common causes of lag and can ensure that your data reaches its destination quickly and smoothly.

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