Haste Launches Partnership with Claro and Ericsson to Optimize the Network Connection for Gamers in Colombia

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Atlanta, December 7, 2019. 

Haste, the lag reduction service that leverages real-time network intelligence and patented routing technologies to achieve a fluid and reliable gaming experience, has partnered with Claro Colombia and Ericsson Edge Gravity to offer gaming acceleration to Claro Colombia subscribers. Haste is now available to more than two and a half million households via the Mi Claro mobile app. 

The Haste solution uses end-to-end multi-path technology to mitigate package delivery loss, jitter, and high latency caused by problematic network events that occur while a gamer is playing. Today, Haste optimizes the most popular PC games including Fortnite, League of Legends and FIFA 20 for hundreds of thousands of users across the world.

“We are excited to partner with Claro, who are leaders in gaming and esports innovation in the telecommunications space. With Ericsson as both our channel and technology partner, Haste is able to provide a very stable and accelerated network service, specifically optimized for Claro gamers,” says Lynn Perry, CEO of Haste.

Claro Colombia wants to guarantee that our most demanding gaming users always receive the solutions that meet their performance requirements. To do this, through Haste, we optimize the time between connections so that we can eliminate ‘lag’ for gamers who use the services of the company,” said Andrés Felipe Zuluaga, Innovation Manager from Claro Colombia. He also added that “thanks to Edge Gravity’s Edge Cloud Platform technology, a combination of hybrid infrastructure and premium connectivity could be created to realize a mesh network with multiple routing alternatives available to this public.”

Kyle Okamoto, CEO of Ericsson Edge Gravity, said, “Our alliance with Claro is an important step in enabling consumers to leverage the power of our Edge Cloud Platform to provide the highest quality online gaming experience available today. This alliance also provides further evidence of the rapid growth of the edge cloud market, specifically with regards to new opportunities in the media, entertainment and gaming space to serve the needs of connected consumers who expect a seamless, optimized experience on-demand.”

Haste will be featured at Claro’s Claro Gaming launch event at Hall 74 in Bogotá on December 7, 2019. 

About Haste: Haste improves the network connection for thousands of online gamers around the world. With a personalized network service that replicates traffic through multiple managed paths using custom protocols, advanced routing and information package forwarding techniques, Haste helps players regain their connection and win. Learn more about Haste at https://www.haste.net

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About Claro Colombia: Claro is the mobile telecommunications operator with the most coverage in Colombia. It takes its 2G, 3G and 4G signal to 1,114 cities in the country with a network of more than 7,500 radio bases and has with more than 30 million users who have chosen Claro Colombia as their mobile voice and data services operator. Claro also offers fixed telephone, broadband Internet and closed television services.

Claro Colombia is a subsidiary of América Móvil, the leading integrated telecommunications services company in Latin America. The deployment of its world class communications platform allows it to offer its clients a portfolio of added value services and improved communication solutions in 25 countries of America and Europe. As of March 31, 2019, the company had 362 million access lines, including 277.4 million mobile subscribers and 84.4 million fixed income generating units (fixed telephony, broadband and pay TV). Learn more about América Móvil at https://www.americamovil.com.

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About Edge Gravity

Edge Gravity, a business unit of Ericsson’s Business Area Technologies and New Business, operates its Edge Cloud Platform to facilitate the global collaboration between content, application, and service providers to deliver services meeting customers’ highly interactive and data-intensive needs. Learn more about Edge Gravity at https://edgegravity.ericsson.com.

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About Ericsson
Ericsson enables communications service providers to capture the full value of connectivity. The company’s portfolio spans networks, digital services, managed services, and emerging business and is designed to help their customers go digital, increase efficiency and find new revenue streams. Ericsson’s investments in innovation have delivered the benefits of telephony and mobile broadband to billions of people around the world. The Ericsson stock is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and on Nasdaq New York. Learn more about Ericsson at  https://www.ericsson.com 

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