Haste Multipath Ping Recap Graph

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The distributed nature of the Internet is amazing in that it can work around congestion and outages. But for a gamer, the degradation that can come from an inconsistent Internet connection can be lethal.

Haste defeats this problem by multipathing game traffic from your gaming PC to the game server, creating a fast and consistent network connection. You can now see this process of assembling paths happening in real time in the new Haste Status Console.

When your match begins, we create up to four distinct paths from your PC over our intelligent mesh network to a Haste node located right next to the game server. We race a complete stream of your game data packets along each of those paths. When each stream arrives at the final node, Haste creates a “champion path” out of the series of winning packets from each path which is then sent on to the game server.

The Haste post-game recap now includes a Multipath Ping Recap graph. The vertical axis is ping, or round trip milliseconds, and the horizontal axis is time. Each path of data is represented as a thin grey line and the champion path, effectively the latency and jitter of the match you played on Haste, is represented by the thicker cyan line.

Sometimes the datastream of one path across our network beats the others for the entire duration of your match. This looks like a single champion path line that doesn’t intersect the other lines. Haste still helps you here since we’ve picked this route from dozens of possibilities across the Internet.

Example of a consistent single route forming the champion path

Since Internet traffic patterns are ever-changing, in about 40% of game sessions the champion path intersects the concurrent paths, represented by the light grey circles. These intersections indicate where the data from multiple streams combined to form the champion path, reflecting Haste’s unique advantage over standard Internet performance to consistently achieve low ping and stable game play.

Example of multiple routes forming the champion path

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