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We know serious gamers want the best network connection they can get. Every millisecond counts. They want options and they want data. Sometimes a gamer’s default ISP path is good enough. Very often gamers want an alternative. 

In 2016 we launched Haste Pro. Haste Pro races gaming traffic across multiple internet fast paths simultaneously, then unites them at the game server. Our patented multipathing technology and meticulously-tuned gaming network create a lightning fast, reinforced, Pro-quality network connection for serious gamers. 

TLDR: our Haste Pro tech is brilliant, freakishly fast, and insanely stable.

Today we launch Haste Free! Haste Free is a single internet path version of our network acceleration service for gamers who aren’t ready to go Pro yet, but do want to take advantage of our gaming network tech.

Haste Free is absolutely Free for all titles and regions Haste supports today. While Free doesn’t employ the multipath acceleration of Haste Pro, it is a solid alternative gamers can use at any time to route their traffic through our gaming network.

Both Free and Pro empower gamers with pre-match and post-match ping, jitter, and packet loss data to know exactly how our network performs for them in real time.

Our networking gurus have also been working hard to create some pretty intelligent efficiencies in our network. We’re passing that savings on to our gamers in the form of a lower price for Haste Pro- now just $5 per month or $40 per year.

Our mission is to fix the internet for gaming. We’re thrilled to bring Haste badass tech to more gamers.  gg!

Reclaim Your Connection

Get Haste FREE; Together we will defeat lag.