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Archive: May 2020

Valorant’s Game Networking

We were excited to get early access to Valorant, Riot’s hotly anticipated FPS game that’s coming out of closed beta June 2. At the same time we’ve been working on our Blade Storm skills, we’ve been working to discover the best network strategies to bring Valorant support to Haste gamers. As a team of networking […]

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Free Lag Software and Ping Tool for Gamers

Lag sucks! It’s the bane of a PC gamer’s existence and can make or break your match.  Online video games require fast reaction times to play, but with lag, your potentially amazing play performance can devolve into a stuttering mess.  It’s no wonder that gamers at all levels want to rid their gaming experience of […]

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How to Reduce Lag in Apex Legends

What is Lag? Lag is made up of three important factors to your connection: ping (latency), jitter, and packet loss.  Ping (latency) is a measurement of the time it takes a packet (piece of gaming data) to get from your PC to a game server and back.  The lower the ping, the faster you can […]

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3 Quick Ways to Reduce Lag in Rainbow Six Siege

Latency, jitter and packet loss are the network afflictions that make up lag. Latency is the time it takes in milliseconds for a packet of data to get from your PC, to the Rainbow Six Siege game server, and back to your PC.   Jitter is the fluctuation in latency over time. Specifically it is the […]

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