Month: June 2020

prevent packet loss in pc gaming

What is Packet Loss? How to Fix it for Gaming

The phrase “packet loss” might not sound familiar, but you’ve likely experienced it while gaming online. In short, packet loss means there’s a problem with the stability of your internet connection.  Common problems you’ll experience due to packet loss while gaming include game lagging, teleporting, being kicked out of the game completely, and difficulties getting back into the game.   We’re

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Announcing Pro Pass, a New Feature of Haste Free

Announcing Pro Pass, a New Feature of Haste Free In April we released Haste Free, a single internet path version of our network acceleration service for gamers. Since launching a few weeks ago, we’ve had over 100,000 new users sign up! Now we are excited to extend the opportunity for all 1 million+ Haste Free Users to experience Haste Pro

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