Announcing Pro Pass, a New Feature of Haste Free

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Announcing Pro Pass, a New Feature of Haste Free

In April we released Haste Free, a single internet path version of our network acceleration service for gamers.

Since launching a few weeks ago, we’ve had over 100,000 new users sign up! Now we are excited to extend the opportunity for all 1 million+ Haste Free Users to experience Haste Pro performance.

With Pro Pass, Haste Free users automatically earn credits for a Pro Pass every day they play on Haste. After earning ten credits, a Pro Pass becomes available in the Haste Free application.  A Pro Pass is a match that is fully Haste Pro optimized.

Haste Pro races gaming traffic across multiple internet fast paths simultaneously, then unites them at the game server. This patented multipathing technology and meticulously-tuned gaming network create a lightning fast, reinforced, pro-quality network connection.

Pro Pass is a perfect way for Haste Free users to try out Haste Pro before subscribing. It’s also a great way for gamers who only occasionally play competitively but want to ensure they have a pro gamer-quality level of network connectivity when they need it most.

Be sure to install the latest Haste update to earn Pro Passes today!

Learn more about Pro Pass.

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