What is a Gaming VPN? Why Do You Actually Need One?

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Many people know about using VPNs as a security tool to encrypt your data and to mask your IP address and identity. But VPNs are also a useful tool for gamers. 

Gaming VPNs provide a lot of benefits to enhance your gaming experience, including allowing you to access geo-restricted games, protection from DDoS attacks, improving download speeds and reducing ping time, so you have fewer connectivity interruptions.

There are a few differences between using a traditional VPN and one whose sole purpose is for gaming. In this piece, we’ll cover what a gaming VPN actually is, why you need one, and why Haste is a perfect solution for all your gaming VPN needs.

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What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Gaming VPNs?
Why Do You Need a Gaming VPN?
How to Pick a Gaming VPN
– Number of Servers
– Speed
– Cost
How is Haste Different From Other Gaming VPNs?
Speed Up Your Game with Haste

What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Gaming VPNs?

Traditional VPNs — virtual private networks — encrypt your data before you send it so hackers can’t access your information. When you’re using a public WiFi network, any time you submit information to a page, whether it’s your email address, social security number, or credit card, that data can be intercepted by hackers connected to the same network.

Gaming VPNs, on the other hand, aren’t for security. These VPNs help you have a more stable and consistent connection while playing your games.  Some VPNs use more sophisticated and intelligent network designs than others.

No, you’re not crazy! Your internet connection is going slower at certain times during the day, despite your internet plan promising quick speeds.  

Why Do You Need a Gaming VPN?

We’re often asked, “What is a gaming VPN, and do you actually need one?” Gaming VPNs provide an alternative to using ISP routing, which frequently causes poor game performance by connecting from your game devices to the game network through suboptimal routes. 

These routes are often congested with a lot of traffic, causing you to experience problems with gaming, such as unstable connections, lag, and getting booted from the system. 

Gaming VPNs know how to find the less congested path, or in Haste Pro’s case, paths. These VPNs often bypass the excessive traffic of traditional ISP routes, which gives you improved gaming speeds and performance. 

How to Pick a Gaming VPN

How do you decide what gaming VPN is right for you? ? Well, my friends, there are a few criteria that a good gaming VPN will have that you should want. 

Number of Servers 

While you’re doing your research on the best gaming VPN for your needs, one of the most critical criteria you’ll want to know is how many servers the company uses. The fewer servers they have, the less chance there will be that they will be able to offer lower ping times, faster speeds, and less lagging. 

Haste has hundreds of servers across our supported regions, with more than a dozen in each core city we support, offering superior path diversity even within a single city.  


It’s crucial to make sure the gaming VPN services you pick offers higher speed options so you won’t experience increased lag. As with any product, you get better speeds if you pay for the top tier option, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook anything that’s offered for free. 

With Haste Free, you can test out Haste Pro right from the Free app by earning a Pro Pass.  No credit card required.  So you can decide if the Free version works well enough for you, or make the leap to Pro,


Let’s admit it. Price is always a significant determining factor when trying to pick a product. Free is always desired, but it often lacks the full power that you get when you pay for something. 

But just because you have to pay for something, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Look for a gaming VPN that offers only the services you need, so you’re not paying for things you’re not using. Most VPNs offer a monthly subscription, which provides a shorter commitment.

Haste Pro is the most sophisticated, stable and fastest gaming VPN on the market.  At only $5 per month or $40 per year, Haste Pro is also the best value.

How is Haste Different From Other Gaming VPNs

Haste Pro is the gaming VPN you’ve been searching for, and here’s why. For the last four years, we’ve offered gamers the best speeds and reliable connections to gaming without interruption.

The process happens automatically by creating four distinct paths between your device and the game server. Your data passes through the mesh network to create simultaneous connections that end in a “champion path” based on the collection of winning data packets that unite as one superpath at the game server. 

You can even see how well your data performs using the Multipath Ping Recap Graph. This feature shows how your different datastreams perform along the chosen path using an easy to view graph.  

Speed Up Your Game with Haste

If you’re a hardcore gamer who is tired of dealing with lag, it’s worth it to invest in a quality gaming VPN, like Haste, who offers both free and paid versions and tons of games. Reclaim your connection with your very own gaming VPN.

Reclaim Your Connection

Get Haste FREE; Together we will defeat lag.