Haste is now ExitLag

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I'm a Haste Pro user, how do I get started with ExitLag?

Haste was launched six years ago. Since then we’ve supported 100 million matches, 10 billion minutes of game play, and routed over 20 trillion gaming packets. It's been an honor to support over 1.5 million gamers around the world.

We are excited to announce that Haste is now part of ExitLag.

ExitLag uses multipathing technology just like Haste, plus they support 400+ games in every region of the world. Their tech is awesome and the people behind it are passionate gamers just like Haste.

- Haste Free users and people checking out Haste for the first time… check out ExitLag, they offer a three day trial (no credit card required).

- Haste Pro users you will now use ExitLag instead of Haste. Please see this support article for info on how to get started. TLDR: it's easy, you’ll reset your password with ExitLag and install the Windows app. You’ll be on the full paid version of ExitLag through your current term with Haste plus an additional 15 days. After that, you can sign up directly with them to keep the service going.
I'm a Haste Pro user, how do I get started with ExitLag?

From our team at Haste, it's been awesome to get to support you and we’ll see you on the battlefield.