Network Architect

November 8, 2016 – Full Time

Job Description

As a Network Architect at Haste, you’ll be part of the core team that is determining the direction of our network and service architecture. You’ll get your hands dirty with routers, network design, peering relationships, long-haul networking, and automated management of our network systems.
As part of our network team, you’ll be applying your extensive knowledge and industry contacts to chart the future of our network deployment and assist in evolution of our optimized network architecture.

The primary focus will be on assembling the optimal solutions/tools, then implementing, monitoring and maintaining them. You will also be responsible for integrating them with the architecture used across the company.


Skills and Qualifications


Haste is making the Internet great again! With all of those cat videos clogging the internet, how are you supposed to get any real work [ok, gaming and esports] done? Well, that’s where Haste comes in.
Haste is a network platform that optimizes the internet for people engaged in live, interactive experiences, with an initial focus on esports. Our software runs on custom infrastructure and replicates traffic over multiple managed paths utilizing custom protocols, advanced routing and packet forwarding techniques.

We’re using a combination of big data analytics, distributed network probes, software, servers and physical networks to make sure that game and esports data get from players’ machines to the game servers (and back) reliably and quickly.

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