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input or display lag in gaming

What is Input or Display Lag?

Imagine you’re in the middle of playing Call of Duty, and you see an enemy to the left. You take aim and fire quickly, thinking you eliminated the threat. However, two seconds later, the enemy is right in front of you, and you’re dead. Has a situation like this ever happened to you? If you’re an avid gamer, it likely

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gaming router

Would a Gaming Router Improve Jitter and Ping?

As a gamer, you want to have the best equipment to make sure nothing hinders your game. You’ve got the best headphones, gaming monitor, and controller, but your game is still lagging. What’s missing?  One possible solution to reducing lag is buying a gaming router. However, before you spend more money on yet another device, you need to know if

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What is a Gaming VPN? Why Do You Actually Need One?

Many people know about using VPNs as a security tool to encrypt your data and to mask your IP address and identity. But VPNs are also a useful tool for gamers.  Gaming VPNs provide a lot of benefits to enhance your gaming experience, including allowing you to access geo-restricted games, protection from DDoS attacks, improving download speeds and reducing ping

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prevent packet loss in pc gaming

What is Packet Loss? How to Fix it for Gaming

The phrase “packet loss” might not sound familiar, but you’ve likely experienced it while gaming online. In short, packet loss means there’s a problem with the stability of your internet connection.  Common problems you’ll experience due to packet loss while gaming include game lagging, teleporting, being kicked out of the game completely, and difficulties getting back into the game.   We’re

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Free Lag Software and Ping Tool for Gamers

Lag sucks! It’s the bane of a PC gamer’s existence and can make or break your match.  Online video games require fast reaction times to play, but with lag, your potentially amazing play performance can devolve into a stuttering mess.  It’s no wonder that gamers at all levels want to rid their gaming experience of lag completely. Sadly, the open

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How to Reduce Lag in Apex Legends

What is Lag? Lag is made up of three important factors to your connection: ping (latency), jitter, and packet loss.  Ping (latency) is a measurement of the time it takes a packet (piece of gaming data) to get from your PC to a game server and back.  The lower the ping, the faster you can react to new situations such

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3 Quick Ways to Reduce Lag in Rainbow Six Siege

Latency, jitter and packet loss are the network afflictions that make up lag. Latency is the time it takes in milliseconds for a packet of data to get from your PC, to the Rainbow Six Siege game server, and back to your PC.   Jitter is the fluctuation in latency over time. Specifically it is the measure of the difference in

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Introducing Haste Free

We know serious gamers want the best network connection they can get. Every millisecond counts. They want options and they want data. Sometimes a gamer’s default ISP path is good enough. Very often gamers want an alternative.  In 2016 we launched Haste Pro. Haste Pro races gaming traffic across multiple internet fast paths simultaneously, then unites them at the game

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Haste Multipath Ping Recap Graph

The distributed nature of the Internet is amazing in that it can work around congestion and outages. But for a gamer, the degradation that can come from an inconsistent Internet connection can be lethal. Haste defeats this problem by multipathing game traffic from your gaming PC to the game server, creating a fast and consistent network connection. You can now

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Haste Now Supports Rainbow Six Siege

What does this mean? Haste routes game traffic on its proprietary high-performance network to the game’s servers, providing you with a faster, more stable connection to your games. This reduces network problems such as stuttering, disconnects, rubber banding and other issues associated with high ping, jitter and packet loss. Lag less and win more! How To Get Started Update your

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