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A Rewarding Experience

Haste Rewards is the free version of Haste. Earn credits towards free games on the Haste network!

Up to you!

After your trial or subscription to Haste Pro expires, you are automatically presented with the option to Stay PRO, or Try REWARDS.

Haste Pro
– Unlimited Haste Optimization
– Haste Checks
– Post Game Recaps

Haste Rewards
– Earn free Haste Optimized game sessions
– Haste Checks

Gotta catch collect em’ all!

Haste Rewards is easy to use!

Turn On
Start Haste Rewards and leave it running in the background. That’s it!

Play Games Play a game from our Supported Games (League of Legends, PUBG, and more!)

Earn Credits
Credits are automatically earned for each game session, and applied to your account. You can earn up to two credits per day!

Press button for
blazing speeds!

You collected 10 credits. You can now unlock a free Haste Optimized game session!

View Rewards
Click the Rewards tab on the Haste Client to see how many credits you have.

Collect Credits
Once you have 10 Credits, you will see a Use Reward! button.

Use Reward
You can use your Reward whenever you like. Just click Use Reward! and the next game you play with automatically be Haste Optimized for free!

Rinse and Repeat

Reward Redeemed!

Feels good to play with reduced lag, doesn’t it!

Now that you’ve used your free reward, you have the opportunity to earn again, and again, and again!

If at any time while using Haste Rewards you desire unlimited optimization without being restricted to earning credits, then you can choose to subscribe to Haste Pro!


Start your FREE trial; Together we will defeat lag.