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How Haste Works

Build A Better Internet

Gaming is fun. What’s not fun is lagging in the middle of gameplay, looking like a noob to the other players and losing due to something beyond your control. We set out to take back that control; To reclaim the Internet for gamers. This is how we do it.


Start from scratch, since existing software uses outdated VPN technology.

Our first step was to completely ignore how existing lag-reducing software worked. That was easy. None of it worked that well anyway.


Build a custom network infrastructure.

The next step was a little harder: building a custom network infrastructure from the ground up. Lots of bandwidth. Private fiber optic links. Mesh network of relay servers. That kind of stuff.


Invent completely new network software to run on top of that custom infrastructure.

Custom protocols. Proprietary route optimization algorithms. Full-blown multipathing. All managed with real-time monitoring using dynamic route allocation.  We even laid the foundation for an anti-DDoS feature, coming in the future.


Make it available to everyone with a simple software install.

After you install the Haste client, your game machine joins the Haste network whenever you play. Over time, Haste learns more and more about different network paths between your machine and the game servers. Which means Haste learns to deliver better and better service for you.

At the end of the day, we created Haste to improve gaming. That’s all we really cared about. So enough about us. Try out Haste and get back to the game.


Get Haste FREE; Together we will defeat lag.