Announcing Pro Pass, a New Feature of Haste Free

June 10, 2020
Announcing Pro Pass, a New Feature of Haste Free In April we released Haste Free, a single internet path version of our network acceleration service for gamers. Since launching a few weeks ago, we’ve had over 100,000 new users sign up! Now we are excited to extend the opportunity for all 1 million+ Haste Free […]

Valorant’s Game Networking

May 22, 2020
We were excited to get early access to Valorant, Riot’s hotly anticipated FPS game that’s coming out of closed beta June 2. At the same time we’ve been working on our Blade Storm skills, we’ve been working to discover the best network strategies to bring Valorant support to Haste gamers. As a team of networking […]

Introducing Haste Free

April 15, 2020
We know serious gamers want the best network connection they can get. Every millisecond counts. They want options and they want data. Sometimes a gamer’s default ISP path is good enough. Very often gamers want an alternative.  In 2016 we launched Haste Pro. Haste Pro races gaming traffic across multiple internet fast paths simultaneously, then […]

Haste Launches Partnership with Claro and Ericsson to Optimize the Network Connection for Gamers in Colombia

December 8, 2019
Atlanta, December 7, 2019.  Haste, the lag reduction service that leverages real-time network intelligence and patented routing technologies to achieve a fluid and reliable gaming experience, has partnered with Claro Colombia and Ericsson Edge Gravity to offer gaming acceleration to Claro Colombia subscribers. Haste is now available to more than two and a half million […]

Haste Now Supports Dota 2, HotS, and Paragon

December 4, 2017
What does this mean? Haste routes game traffic on its proprietary high-performance network to the game’s servers, providing you with a faster, more stable connection to your games. This reduces network problems such as stuttering, disconnects, rubber banding and other issues associated with high ping, jitter and packet loss. Lag less and win more! How […]


November 27, 2017
Two is better than one! Only a few weeks ago we announced that Haste supports CS:GO. But now we’re back to present you with a double announcement: Haste now supports PUBG and Fortnite! What does this mean? Haste routes game traffic on its proprietary high-performance network to Bluehole and Epic’s game’s servers. This provides PUBG […]

TG Daily Article: How to Ensure a Good Multiplayer Gaming Experience

November 15, 2017 Steven, 10th November 2017 Do you love gaming but hate when your gaming experience isn’t what you expected? If so, you are not alone. Setting up a good multiplayer gaming experience is highly important to your success at competitive gaming as well as your level of enjoyment. With that in mind, here are some […]

Haste Now Supports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

October 31, 2017
You Spoke. We listened! We asked our users countless times on our social channels. We receieved tens of thousands of survey responses. The polls have closed. The votes counted. Double counted! Triple count.. Eh, you get the point. Now it’s time for us to reveal the results. An overwhelming number of users have made a […]

CB Insights Article: 10 Early-Stage eSports Startups To Watch

September 25, 2017
September 15, 2017 eSports startups are transforming the way games are created, data is collected, and content is shared. eSports startups account for a large slice of funding to the broader gaming landscape, and have received significant investment and press coverage in recent years. We used the CB Insights platform to surface 10 notable, early-stage eSports startups developing technologies related to […]

Cheddar Review: Software for Gamers With No Time to Waste

September 11, 2017
We spoke with @haste_esports, a software startup that seeks to reduce lag and buffering while gaming. #CheddarLIVE — Cheddar (@cheddar) September 10, 2017 Watch the Cheddar interview with Adam Toll, CEO of Haste. Toll discusses how the Haste software seeks to end lag for consumers that are gaming or streaming video and much more. […]

Featured App: Mobalytics

August 18, 2017
Simply put, Haste loves League of Legends, and we’re excited when we find other companies that create services and tools to make our League of Legends experience even better! That said, this article will focus on a brand new  tool created by our friends at Mobalytics. Here at Haste we try not to play favorites […]

PVPLive Review: How Haste Looks to Reduce Your Lag in Overwatch and League of Legends

August 14, 2017
Lag is deadly. Whether it’s Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, DOTA 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or any competitive multiplayer game, a single moment of lag could upset the whole match. Overall, Haste is designed to intelligently direct game traffic from your PC to the game’s servers. They route your traffic over […]

How Haste reduces lag in League of Legends and Overwatch

July 7, 2017
VentureBeat If your League of Legends or Overwatch ping is always high, a startup called Haste wants to solve that by giving you a more direct connection than your internet service provider might give you. Lag, which is killer in a competitive game, is often a symptom of your traffic taking a non-optimal route through the backbone of the internet. Through a […]

Haste Referral Program Changes

June 12, 2017
On July 5, 2017 Haste will begin charging a monthly subscription fee for its Pro service. Learn more. As part of those changes, we’ve also upgrading our referral program. What’s Changing: •    You will get a unique code and URL to share with your friends in your account •    You will be able to […]

Haste Beta Has Ended

June 6, 2017
The free Haste beta ended July 4. We’re incredibly thankful to everyone who joined the beta. Your participation has been vital to our mission of creating a better Internet for gaming. We now offer a free 14-day trial and two versions of Haste: HASTE PRO – a subscription service for unlimited and full-featured Haste service HASTE […]

How to Reduce Lag in League of Legends

April 18, 2017
League of Legends is quite literally the most played game in the world. With 27 million players logging onto Riot servers daily, it’s no wonder that some of us experience that pesky League of Legends lag we all know too well. What is Lag? There are a number of variables that can cause lag problems […]

How to Reduce Lag in Overwatch

March 31, 2017
We’ve all had those miserable games: watching an enemy Mercy rubberband across Hollywood, dodging Zarya and Soldier ultimates, and living to get the play of the game. It’s frustrating. This type of keyboard-breaking, rage-inducing lag makes you feel helpless when you lose a match because of high ping and packet loss. It’s no wonder there […]

Haste Kicks eSports Connection Lag to The Curb

March 8, 2017
Hypepotamus As our experiences on the Internet become more complex (think: VR/AR, medical consultations, gaming), our connection can often struggle to keep up. And if you’re in the middle of an eSports tournament, for example, a reliable connection is essential to staying on top. Haste is a software client which aims to optimize your […]

Introducing Haste Recap!

March 1, 2017
Introducing Haste Recap, a new feature we’ve added to your gaming arsenal! Haste Recap is an analysis of your last game’s network connection. Accompanied by badges, Haste Recap will show your ping, packet loss, and jitter for the previous game. Simply click on your badges when your game ends or select the Recap tab in Haste […]

Introducing Badges!

February 6, 2017
Introducing Haste BADGES, a new feature Haste has added to your gaming arsenal! Haste Badges are a way to see how your network performed in your most recent game session. When your Overwatch or League of Legends game ends, a notification slides out from the right side of the screen with the Badges you won for having […]

Play on Haste this month and win!

February 2, 2017
If you haven’t yet tried Haste, there’s no better time. Haste is currently in free, open beta in North America for Overwatch and LoL, and we’ve got a February contest that gives you a chance to win prizes – just for playing. Designed to reduce lag, jitter and packet loss, Haste is next-gen internet optimization […]

Haste Selected as Finalist for SXSW Accelerator Competition

January 25, 2017
Haste to showcase its online video game optimization software in the Entertainment & Content category at SXSW ATLANTA, GA — Jan. 25, 2017 — Haste, network software that optimizes the internet for gamers, has been selected as a finalist in the Entertainment & Content category for the ninth annual SXSW Accelerator competition. The accelerator is […]

Introducing Haste Check!

January 11, 2017
Introducing HASTE CHECK, a new tool we’ve added to your gaming arsenal! Haste Check is like a “bandwidth speedtest” app, but specifically for game servers. It measures ping, packet loss and jitter (ping spikes). That means you can test the stability of your connection before you commit to a ranked game on Haste.      Whether […]

Haste is evolving. Join the Beta!

December 14, 2016
Our private Alpha went extremely well,  and now we’re officially ready for full-scale Haste beta testing. Just like you, we’re sick of lag, high ping, jitter and packet loss. That’s why we created Haste — to make the internet better for gaming. Now, we’re seeking fellow gamers to join the Haste beta, test the service and provide […]

Atlanta Startup Aims To Reduce Internet ‘Buffering’

October 11, 2016
WABE 90.1 FM Atlanta-based software startup Haste is raising $2.5 million to reduce a major pain point of the internet. According to this week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle, the startup, based at the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech, is developing technology that it claims will reduce the lag in internet connections that cause […]

Haste to Present at Venture Atlanta 2016

October 6, 2016
24-7 Press Release Service ATLANTA, GA, October 06, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Haste ( announced today it has been selected to present at Venture Atlanta 2016, the South’s premier event for connecting technology innovation and investment capital. Venture Atlanta will be held November 2-3 at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. The 32 […]

Startup Haste raising $2.5M to defeat Internet lag

September 29, 2016
Atlanta Business Chronicle Atlanta-based software startup Haste is raising $2.5 million to reduce a major pain-point of the Internet. The ATDC startup is developing technology that it claims will reduce the lag in Internet connections that cause stuttering on a video-call, or buffering while watching Netflix. Haste claims its technology can reduce latency, packet […]

Techstars cloud startup boasts path to faster, smoother live streaming

November 17, 2015
San Antonio Business Journal Lighting-fast broadband or even fiber-optic Internet may not always yield a smooth live stream as Internet service providers still use third-party firms to transmit data online. And one startup going though San Antonio’s premiere business accelerator program is hoping to cash in on the speed gap. Thalonet is one of […]

Announcing the 11 Companies for Cloud 2016

November 2, 2015
Techstars We are very pleased to announce the new class of companies participating in the Techstars Cloud program here in San Antonio. We have a group of amazing founders from all over the world, including entrepreneurs from the United States, Ireland, Spain and Taiwan. The class is very well rounded and includes eleven companies […]