What Gamers Are Saying About Haste

“I realized today, due to the maintenance period, how mandatory Haste is for me. Without Haste, my ping hovers around 80ms. With Haste, it’s 20-30ms. I constantly notice improvements to the UI and small functionality additions as well as the added support for more games. I think it speaks volumes that unless I want to, I don’t notice your software until it’s not there anymore. I love your software, keep up the great work! Thank you!” – Taize

“@Haste_Esports you guys are lifesavers! omg i wish i found yall sooner i would d/c in games but have good internet (league) THANK YOUU” – xdartvaderx

“haste is the best thing happend in my life i used to play with 170ms now 90 Thankss!” – Private Script

“My ping is usually 30 but at certain times of the day it goes to 130+. This program dropped it back down to normal. Thanks so much the people at haste.” – Jerrick Rose

“Just tried @Haste_Esports program for the first time. I was hella skeptical, but it reduced my ping by about 30ms (down to 25ms) and got rid of all the jitter I was having. I’m actually really impressed.” – GodofGrunts

“Your software is amazing, your infrastructure must be truly tested.” – Luis A

” just wanted to thank you and your co-workers for the support and that you released Haste.Helps me a lot in my life.LoL is like an escape from the stress in my real life.Doesn’t work that good if ur connection is bad,since i used Haste it works waaaaaay better.Thanks a lot. Hope u enjoy your work on the Haste company! :)” – Jonassondermann2003

“Love Haste so much, I’m from Asia and I play on NA servers because I find it hard to communicate on Asia servers. Haste greatly improved my ping from 275 to 195, and it’s incredible. Thank you so much!” – Astro

“went from 270 ms to 190 ms, INSANAE BOOST! THANK YOU HASTE!” – Asif K

“I’ve enjoyed your program because it works fantastically with zero interference. So thank you for making something awesome.” – lulupez

“hey. i downloaded haste 14 days ago and it actually rly helped me. i used to have 200+ ping and it dropped to 70 (in lol). my rank was pretty high (master challenger) so it rly helped me to climb and it helped me to have a good time while playing league so i wanted to thank you for that. unfortunately i dont have the money to buy haste but i did have a good time with it so im gratefull” – lulupez

“Hey! This is just a message to say thank you sooo much! You guys really helped me out, I recently just moved and the internet is terrible here! Whenever I play Overwatch I’d constantly rubberband everywhere it was terrible. The same thing happened to League!! I was so upset I couldn’t play my games anymore. Thanks to you guys, you’ve saved me and my internet and I can happily game! Keep up the amazing work I love you guys so much” – Sarah B.

“Lag is bad for a robot, make your game run like an OP bastion and not a worthless, slow Dva mech. Try haste today. You’re welcome.” – Dave W

“I thought you guys were blowing hot air when I heard about it but I heard many success stories so I decided to give it a try. It halved my ping and Im down to 28ms on average. You guys are amazing, I will definitly tell my friends about it!” – IloveMei

“Just wanted to say that every month my ping has been increasing more and more and I installed haste and my LoL ping went from 150 to 42” – Jordan

“I wished I would of found this haste thing sooner. I’m really tied of losing SR because of connection issues. I’ve lost over 250+ SR because of it. I tried to submit a ticket with blizzard but they basically told me they didn’t care. I’m glad someone made this knowing it was and still is a problem” – OGx CHRONIC47

“today, i was miserable playing with 300 ping every single game for some reason, and i remembered Haste, and i was like o this sh*t is never gonna work, downloaded it, AND MY PING WENT FROM 300 TO 90!” – gmonster 305


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