League of Legends YouTuber PhyLol talks about Haste’s lag-reducing software – and shows how Haste reduces his ping and jitter to the NA League of Legends servers.


League of Legends streamer & YouTuber SoloRenektonOnly talks about Haste’s lag-reducing software – and shows in real-time how Haste reduces his ping and jitter.

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Reviews: What Haste Players Say...

“Yo guys, was just referred by a friend and played a few games. This is perhaps the greatest thing ever and you are amazing!” – Oni

“Guys! Been trying the program out for a few days and its great, as a European playing from South of Mexico Ive used WTFast for years and Haste gives me far better performance and stability. Lowered ping from 75 ms to 60-64 ms in NA League of legends (When WTFast lowers to 66-67 depends on my ISP). Mainly in League of Legends 72 to 60 makes a huge difference as a main ADC Diamond Elo.” – Davide

“thank u guys for haste ive had bad connection ever since i started playing but i never had a problem w/ haste” – kawaiilord69


“my SR has improved by over 150 pts as my ping has dropped and stopped spiking all over the place” – it’s lafayette

“without Haste my ping bounces between 80-100, but with haste i get a constant 55. great program 10/10” – Jacob

“OH guys… I love haste and since i installed it i have a better ping (from 75 to 40ms) thx so much” – Pammi

“woah. i didnt spike up to 300 at any point that game. cool 25-35 all game. i was skeptical but damn this works :)” – Frosted Flareon


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